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Ward's Riverside Cabins is owned and operated by Mathew and Mindy Ward.
We have three daughters, Madison, who was born in November 2007, Mylee who was born in October 2008, and Maci who was born in April 2011!

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A little bit about the cabins:

We purchased the cabins in April 2006, after them being basically vacant for many years. We re-did alot of the water and gas lines after finding that they needed to be updated and were only a short ways in the ground. We painted, installed a lot of carsiding, put in new flooring, installed all new windows and exterior doors, installed new roofs, purchased new heaters, built a brand new dock with slips, built a critter cleaning house (for you hunters & fisherman), screened in the screen porches for bug free sitting, and many, many other things. We did also construct a new log shelter that holds a few picnic tables and grills for your outdoor gatherings.

All the cabins have Air Conditioning!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

We have put in a lot of time and energy into making them a clean, up-to-date, relaxing place for you to stay. This could not have been achieved without all the help that we received from our family and friends. We would like to extend our THANK YOU out to all who lent us their hands to bring this business back to life.

We hope that you enjoy your stay, and please remember that we gladly accept any and all suggestions. They can only make your stay better!

The cabins are located at:
950 Front Street
Buffalo City, WI 54622

To contact us please call:
(608) 248-3702 (Office)
(507) 450-4793 (Mindy's Cell)
(507) 450-2427 ( Mathew's Cell)

Or reach us by email at

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(608) 248-3702

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950 Front Street
Buffalo City, WI 54622


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